Community Development and Social Responsibility

For decades, Edmonton has sprawled to today's existence without proper foresight and thought. Communities were allowed to develop without coordination with essential services, such as social programs for families, elders, youth, and children, hospitals, and schools. Today our communities of Edmonton Northwest is impacted with higher costs of development and limited access for essential services. Proper community planning needs to be conducted and it starts with communication and partnerships between all orders of government. Judy understands this issue and wants to ensure that the community has convenient and connected access to provincially funded services such as the crime prevention, new highschool and a much needed hospital to service the area of Edmonton Northwest.

Supporting Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Edmonton is starting to grow and it needs the support of Alberta to create an ecosystem that is competitive and risk tolerant. The lifeline of our economy relies on a stable government that is capable of building and modernizing regulations and policies that protect Albertans without inhibiting businesses, industry and innovation. With the evolution of technology, there are new businesses starting to bloom and it is Judy's priority to ensure that these businesses have the opportunity to grow and compete internationally, while retaining quality workers, owners, and investors within Alberta.

Fiscal Responsibility

Similar to many fast growing organizations, Alberta has had centuries of fast paced economic growth and a limited appetite for change. In order to balance the books and enhance organizational efficiencies, results based spending and practices need to be integrated. Supporting initiatives to limit duplication of works and utilize technological innovations are a few examples where millions spent upfront could save billions of dollars down the road. These savings could improve front line services and access to provincial grants and essential services.

Language, Culture, and Arts

A city filled with prosperous businesses is nothing without celebrating multiculturalism. Judy believes that one's cultural heritage and language is essential to one's identity and nurturing cultural practices is vital to today's families. Additionally, Judy understands that there needs to be a support mechanism for local artists where our multicultural community can freely express themselves through dance, music, art, photography, videography, and even food. It is an essential element of society that adds character and attracts tourists, while incentivizing businesses, investors, and locals to want to stay in Alberta.

Working Together

Diversification of Alberta's economic portfolio, supporting education, health, and social programs, as well as, getting Albertan's back to work and supporting families reach their full potential can only be done through true committed, respectful, and transparent relationship. Judy is highly motivated to build relationships and unlocking Edmonton Northwest's potential for a better future of all Albertans.

Authorized by the Campaign to Elect Judy Kim-Meneen,